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Symbian OS

What is Symbian, and how is it different from other Nokia Phones?

Symbian is a C++ based Operating system designed for mobile phones with support for Java MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 as well. Symbian is an OS designed for mobile phones and not strictly limited to Nokia phones. Current list of all Symbian phones are available here:
Symbian: Symbian OS phones: Avaliable now

Series 60 phones can be found here:
S60 Phones

Symbian comes in a few different varieties:

Series 60 (S60) 2nd Edition
S60 3rd Edition
Series 80
Series 90

Most Nokia's are Series 60 2nd and 3rd Edition, 3rd Edition servicing most newer phones like the N95, N82, N73, N75, E61, E51 etc...

Standard Symbian Codes:

Firmware Version Dial *#0000#

IMEI - Dial *#06#

Finding MAC Address *#62209526#

Finding BT Device Address *#2820#

Restore Factory Setting *#7370# Complete Factory Reset

Soft Reset -*#7780# Factory Reset, but keeps user data (pics, ringers etc..)

LIFE TIMER *#92702689#

the following doesn't work with newer Symbian phones
If your having problems with your symbian phone, you can reformat it by doin the following:

Note: You will lose ALL the information on the phone, it will be back to when you first bought it.


1. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery left.

2. Backup your contacts and any files you want to keep to MMC memory card.

3. Switch off your phone.

4. Press and hold these 3 keys:

Green dial key, * (star key) & no. 3 key and then press the power on/off to swtich on the phone.

Keep all these keys held until you see the formatting notification on the screen!

5. After a few minutes when the Full phone formatting completed, you phone will be back to when you first baught it.

You can now restore da backup on your MMC.

Note with some models such as the 6630,6680, there is no formatting screen, the screen will just blink and the phone will restart.

UI Tips

-Hold down the "#" key to put the phone on silent profile, hold it down again to restore the previous profile.
-Hold down the "0" key activate the web browser.
-Press left "soft key" then the "*" key to lock the keys, repeat to unlock.
-Tap the "on/off" button to bring up the Profiles options.
-Press the "send" button to take you directly to the call logs.
-To copy text, hold down the pencil key, use the navigation button to highlight the text you want, then click the "soft key" to copy, hold down the pencil again and click the softkey to paste.
-Hold down the "menu" button to bring up a list of running apps. While up, you can click the "c" or clear button and it will close the app.
-When typing, to switch from number mode to alpha mode, hold the "pencil" key down and select the type you want.
-When composing an email or text, hit the send button to send the message.
-When browsing the web using the default browser, click the send button to go to the link.

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