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Karrine Steffans

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Karrine Steffans set both the hip-hop world and Hollywood afire when she penned last year's best-selling Confessions of a Video Vixen. Now Karrine Steffans is ready to rock the world again with what is sure to be her best-selling diaries series follow-up: The Vixen Diaries.

The Vixen Diaries is already causing buzz in many circles, including the publishing world. The so-called Vixen left Amistad/Harper Collins and sold The Vixen Diaries to Warner Books, who signed Karrine Steffans for a two-book deal (the first offering being The Vixen Diaries) in the high six-figure range.

In a Publishers Weekly piece called "Thomas Builds a Black List at Hachette," Felicia Pride wrote that Karen Thomas "lured Video Vixen author Karrine Steffans away from Harper with a high six-figure deal for her next two books."

The Vixen Diaries, Pride wrote, will be packed with all the intriguing details that Steffans didn't cover in Confessions of a Video Vixen, including Karrine's very public relationship with Bill Maher.

According to a MediaBistro article titled "Vixen Quits Amistad for 2-Book Warner Deal," The Vixen Diaries will offer more "details of [Karrine's] explosive world," including "the real deal about Black Hollywood" and "the real story behind" the Hot 97 interview with DJ Miss Jones when hip-hop star Kool G Rap refuted Steffans' story, and ended with Karrine walking out of the room.

Set to appear in September 2007, The Vixen Diaries will be followed by "a spicy, juicy fictionalized account of [Steffans'] life story in the form of a novel."

Perhaps the biggest buzz surrounding The Vixen Diaries is the rumored appearance of a chapter that was left out of Confessions of a Video Vixen, which reportedly includes Karrine's run-ins with Chris Rock, who filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, Malaak Compton-Rock. (Recent reports, however, have shown Chris and Malaak together, sparking questions of reconciliation.)

Even more controversial than The Vixen Diaries is Karrine Steffans herself, who according to the Palm Beach Post, is pregnant by Bobby Brown, whom Steffans wrote extensively about in Confessions.

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