Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nokia Tube iPhone clone wants a piece of the action

Finnish based Nokia has recently unveiled a handset at Redwood City's Evans Data Developer Relations Conference which bares an uncanny similarity to the Apple iPhone.

Not only does the Nokia "Tube", as it's internally nicknamed, bare a striking resemblance to the iPhone visually, it also features iPhone-like navigation and an accelerometer which rotates the orientation of the screen in relation to the user. But the Tube has a few tricks up it's sleeve that the iPhone is currently lacking, including Java application support and the ability to directly upload videos. In comparison to Nokia's impending N96, speculations for other possible features include HSDPA, onboard GPS, 5MP camera and DVB-H.

In reference to Apple's 4 million iPhone sales since January, Nokia VP Tom Libretto stated: "We've done that since we've had dinner on Friday." Nokia shipped 133.4 million phones over the holiday quarter alone. Libretto suggests that Apple is unable to match Nokia's production scale.

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