Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RotateMe v2.1 Beta 2

As a little reminder, “rotateMe v2.1″ differs from the already public version “rotateMe v2.0″ by supporting an 180° degrees rotation mode which is supported by the N95 and N95 8GB in the newest firmware versions. Nokia implemented this mode because of the new N-Gage application. That means that this version of “rotateMe” won’t work with older firmwares.

The only new feature: the user can choose to make “rotateMe” only work in the gallery. A nice idea, because I think that many users love to use auto rotation (only) in the gallery and to automatically switch it off is pretty useful for them.
If this feature will be fancied by people, Samir plans to implement a list of all applications installed on the phone to make the user choose in which application auto rotation shall be activated.

Nice new feature and nice future plans! Rotation only in the gallery worked without problems for me.

Furthermore, Samir fixed the bug that the settings weren’t saved.

Download File here
Rotate Me

There is new way to sign your app by yourself
Sign yourself

- Enjoy this great release by Samir

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