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BYU TV - Center for Animation Formed

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Flash Version of Daily News for April 3, 2008

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BYU announced Thursday [March 27, 2008] the formation of an animation center to help with the production of films and secure the animation program at BYU.

The center will be housed in the Ira A. Fulton's School of Engineering and Technology while the animation program will remain in the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

The center will foster further collaborative work from external partners, who will mentor and hire our students. It will also create formal and technical curricular connections across campus, said Stephen Jones, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

The center will also establish a coordinating structure to enable effective fundraising and improved interactions between the programmer and the animation profession, Jones said.

The goal of the center is to create stronger relationships between BYU and the motion and gaming studios.

The animation department has performed exceptionally well since its creation in 2001, having won seven student Emmys and two student Academy Awards.

The animation program is an interdisciplinary major. It combines faculty, creative and technological resources from the Department of Theatre Arts, visual arts and the Ira A. Fulton School of Technology.

"The center allows us to further cement the relationship between colleges, and it opens up the opportunity for other colleges to get involved," Adams said.

This new organization will enable students from multiple disciplines across campus to apply technical and theoretical learning they gain in the classroom in a collaborative production focused environment, Jones said.

"As faculty, we get inquiries all the time from students and faculty on campus who have an interest in some kind of animation or visualization of what they would like to do," Adams said. "There hasn't been a good vehicle for them to learn some animation until now."

Students from different areas will be able to dabble in animation and will be placed with people of expertise.

This may involve a history student who wants to produce an animation for a historic-re-creation, or a student in astronomy, physics, or chemistry, Adams said.

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