Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eyes - free caller ID

Help save your own life and the lives of others by keeping your eyes on the road. There’s no need to steal that glance at your phone’s screen to check the caller ID, especially when behind the wheel. Use the often overlooked “Say Caller’s Name” setting of your Nokia phone. With this setting “on” your phone will speak out (in synthesized voice) the caller ID (using the name you entered in Contacts) when you receive a call. You don’t need a car kit accessory for this; it’s a standard setting on every S60 phone.

I use this setting all the time. It’s even handy when you’re just walking or doing anything where averting your eyes isn’t smart. And, yes, you can insert a joke here about walking and chewing gum at the same time. When you hear who is calling, it’s easy to decide whether to need to stop what you’re doing and take the call or just keep going.

You’ll find the setting in Profiles (select Main Menu| Tools | Profiles)
• Highlight the profile you want to use. Typically this will be General (on an E-series phone and “Normal” on an N-series phone)
• Select Options | Personalize (on E-series and “Customize” on N-series)
• Scroll down to “Say Caller’s Name”
• Select it to change the setting from “off” to “on”
• Select “Back” on the right soft key.

You’re done!

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