Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Efficient GPS use

Tip 1: Avoid blocking the antenna with your hand

The GPS antenna is placed under the numeric keypad of the device. For best reception, open the keypad and try not to cover it with your hand.

Tip 2: It only works outdoors

The device works best under a clear sky. The satellite signal gets easily blocked by roofs, or even tall buildings nearby.

Tip 3: Weather conditions may weaken the signal

The satellite signal is affected by the air it travels through. Rain, clouds, or fog may make GPS reception very difficult.

Tip 4: Be patient: connecting to the GPS system takes a while

Connecting with GPS satellites takes at least 40 seconds. The same applies to standalone GPS devices.

Tip 5: UV protected or heated windscreens may block the signal

Although not designed for it, the GPS receiver can be used in a car – if the conditions are very good. For example, a UV protected or heated windscreen may dampen the signal.

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