Monday, April 21, 2008

Symbia Getting Started with Symbian C++

Firstly, get the 'Series 60' Symbian C++ SDK from (you will need to register on the site). The download is around 128MB so be warned. I had it downloaded by my friend (cable) and burnt onto CD.

Next thing to do is to install this on your PC, if you wish to use the Visual C++ IDE or the emulator then you should have VC6 installed. (You can compile for 'the phone alone' with the command line without VC6).

This install will also install a Java Runtime environment (1.3 I Think). It will also install ActivePerl for running some compile scripts etc. It will also install a so called 'emulator' for the N7650.

Take a look at the documentation available, especially the segments regarding getting started etc.. If you are new to Object Oriented Programming (or need to brush up) there is a good section on getting your basics right.

--- Edited
The first version of a miniguide to getting started is now available in text form below.

The first revision (1.1) of a miniguide is now available, it has updated sections on compiling for the phone as well as a clarification on using VC6.

1. Added info on emulator.
2. Added clarification on VC6.
3. Added clarification for 'Series 60' SDK. This is the one I am using.

1. Added Miniguide.
2. Added link to 'Problems getting started'.

1. Corrected statement on VC6 requirement.
2. Uploaded revision 1.1. Will keep revision 1 until rev 1.2 or more comes along. :-)
Rev 1.1, adds section on compiling for the phone and sis file creation.

TIP!!: You can run the script 'Series60\Epoc32\Data\' to make the emulator look like 7650 (recommended only for 1028x768 screens though)

Reposted the Miniguide rev 1.1 since it was unavailable after the host change.. (I know it has been a few weeks since, but I was moving to Sydney :-) )

Reposted the Miniguide after complaints that it wasnt available. Sorry for the delay.

For C++ development, first decide which IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you want to use: CodeWarrior, Borland C++ Builder/BuilderX or Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can also develop without an IDE, but then you can only use command line tools and can't use the PC based emulator, but must always compile for the device and debug without asy source code debugging.

If you have a 6600, use SDKs for Series 60 2nd Edition or 2.0. Without any "Feature Packs".

Also, buy a book such as this one to get up to speed faster:,6566,40_2,00.html

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