Friday, April 4, 2008

Smallville star rumored to go big screen as Superman in Justice League of America flick

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It's not often that a piece of quasi-information about a movie that won't be out for another three years would be worth mentioning, but when it involves Smallville and could send its rabid fan base in a tizzy, the rules change.

The latest from the rumor mill claims that Smallville star Tom Welling has been approached to play Superman on the big screen. However, he won't be the follow-up to Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

The role is for Superman in the untitled Justice League of America movie, which is currently in its development infancy. The news comes from movie site, which claims to have gotten the information from "studio sources."

In Smallville, Welling plays a young Clark Kent learning to deal with his powers before he officially becomes Superman. Welling has yet to wear the Superman ensemble (cape, tights, and the like) or fly, two things that would almost certainly change should he be in the JLA flick.

Welling has yet to formally accept the offer, as IESB says he has only "been approached" for the part. However, the site also says that people in the Smallville would OK the move and shoot the show around Welling's movie schedule.

And if that sounds too good to be true, it may be. Superman Homepage, a Web site devoted to the caped one, claims that Smallville creator Al Gough said Welling has not been in talks about the JLA movie and it "won't happen." Welling is under contract with Smallville through an eighth season.

Other Hollywood types rumored to be attached to the Justice League of America movie include Ryan Reynolds as The Flash and George Miller behind the camera.

Representatives at CW were unaware of the rumor and had no comment. Attempts to reach Welling's publicist were unanswered as of press time.

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keriah said...

OMG this would be so amazing if Tom gets the part i've been hoping really bad that Tom gets to play the part. i hope it really happens

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