Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sean Gannon

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Some of you may have already seen this as it's been doing the rounds (no pun intended) on the net a for a couple of day now and, although not strictly boxing in the strictest sense of the word of the like we discuss on this board, i'm sure fight fans will get a kick of out it and they'll be many who'll already be fully aware of Kimbo's reputation.

The fight

(not for the faint of heart tongue )

A bit of background for those not in the know..

Who is Kimbo Slice? (make sure you watch the vid on that first post)

As for Gannon, he's a 280lb Mixed Martial Arts professional (6 time Golden Gloves Champion, Northeast Regional Super-Heavyweight Champion, State judo champion '96, blackbelt heavyweight division, NAGA World Champion intermediate no gi - 2000, NAGA World Champion advanced gi - 2000, MMA record - Mass Destruction Champion, 2003) who approached Kimbo to prove that MMA professional fighter > Streetfighter.


There were rules for this fight, but there's supposedly controversy surrounding this. Kimbo's team said for there to be no ground-work and some say the reason they got angry during the fight (other than the illegal use of knees too) was because, being not well-versed in MMA, they assumed there wouldnt be any submission holds altogether, although as you'll see, Gannon got the upper-hand on Kimbo altogether by twice usingguillotine holds etc.

Anyway, Kimbo's cult status has almost become legendary now and Gannon's boosted his name in a MMA ranks ten-fold too with the hype surrounding this fight.


edit - Fight link was taken down so use this one instead.

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