Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gun Wheels and Madheads

They fight on the ruins of the past.

Their cars crash in whirlwinds of lead and flames, their rockets do not know how to miss, and six barreled machine guns cut armor as if it was butter. Their mad drivers are the best, and their cars are masterpieces of art, created for battle and show.

Features of the game:
• Futuristic battle races in ultra modern 3D performance, inexpressible speed and dynamics of battles;
• Dynamic lighting and lots of special effects, explosions, flashes and light effects;
• Seven types of weapon – from standard machine guns to heavy mortars, homing missiles and multi-barreled cannons;
• Three types of mines and five bonuses of different types – from increasing of damaging to double speeding-up and immortality;
• Battles with several enemies simultaneously in different modes – career mode with increasing difficulty and in survival mode – against continuously attacking enemies;
• Six different in their characteristics cars, requiring different approach and style of playing;
• 10 different arenas with ability of day or night battle;

240x320 : 6120C ---> Download

Friday, September 26, 2008

3D Bownling

3d [bowling]. Game has excellent drawing and casting a spell . Game includes 3 different levels, on which you can play into [bowling], players and three levels of complexity. After each thrust into Xtreme Of bowling it is possible to look the current account, and to also see each of players after successful strike. On your desire - you can play both by the character of masculine sex and female. You do want to learn what? Start game and strike…!

AMF Xtreme Bowling 240x320.jar ---> download

Tested on 6120c

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