Friday, April 11, 2008

N81 update Firmware

Just to help people in my situation, I managed to update my N81-8GB (on vodafone) using the following process.

Official Nokia Site

I used the code from 0557936 (Vodafone) to 0544169 (on- site). Following their instructions, and then I had the same problem as fl0r15t:

I got the error message "Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer", which is a worrying message. Thankfully I had read here before I did, the update and then pressed and held *, 3 and green on startup. Unlike fl0r15t though, all I had to do then was put in the region, time and date. It now works fine, and it is completely unbranded. I can confirm that this will not unlock your phone if that is what you were after, but it does mean that you can enjoy the latest firmware.

I believe the problem in the updating lies in the fact that the update is meant to keep your previous settings and files, but due to the branding... these are incompatible so it needs a hard reset.

Obviously, do this at your own risk, if something should go wrong in the process then I am not sure how sympathetic your mobile operator will be about you bricking your phone whilst trying to remove there services.

A big thanks to fl0r15t for taking the time to post there experience, and helping me to bypass the stupid operator software. The phone works better now, only did it 10 minutes ago, but so far I have noticed the map software loading faster and the navi wheel being quicker.

If you are just looking to get rid of the vodafone live softkey, you can do this in settings->general->personalisation->standby mode, here you can change all of the shortcuts.

Good Luck.

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