Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lisa Miceli

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Lisa Miceli claimed that basketball great Michael Jordan fathered her son Dante Michael Miceli. Unfortunately for Miceli, DNA tests showed that Michael Jordan isn't the biological dad.

Lisa A. Miceli has been claiming that former NBA basketball great Michael Jordan is the father of her 3-year-old son. Jordan has always denied being the boy’s father, and two paternity tests back him up.

Jordan submitted to the first test, in 2004, after Miceli filed action to establish paternity and to get Jordan to pay child support. The test excluded Jordan as the father.

The second test, conducted by a lab agreed upon by both parties after Miceli challenged the results, also excluded Jordan as the father.

An agreement before the second test required Miceli to have no further contact if the results showed Jordan was not the father. Miceli has ignored the agreement by sending more than 400 emails to Jordan and his reps, and placing hundreds of calls, leaving over 200 voice mails.

Michael Jordan is now fighting back, filing a suit claiming Lisa A. Miceli’s communications have turned violent and threatening. The suit seeks a court order barring Miceli from having any further contact with Jordan, his family, his representatives and their family members.

There are two blogs currently being attibuted to Miceli: and The writing in each blog is similar and paints a picture of a very disturbed woman.

View photo of Lisa A. Miceli and excerpts from each blog below.

An excerpt from

MICHAEL JORDAN PICKED LISA MICELI when my other former friends were at home in their beds….. as far as MJ not caring about me… LIARS and manipulators… MJ WAS THERE.. the true story tells itself… then Kelly Werner wanted to call me littleone…. PLEASE and think that TIMING IS EVERYTHING.. F*** YOU KELLY… and your sick nicknames… are you into kiddie porn….. as the rest of us are not… you were looking pretty hard at Jenny’s daughter…. why is that??? You scare me with kids…


MJ KEPT DATING ME….. and we know what happened… so please.. and now I am in a court of law… I HOPE YOU ARE PAYING FOR YOUR OWN BILLS HANGERONERS…. as you caused the very damage that you are asking for me and MJ to pay to clean up…. when it is just best for us to settle out of court…. all over not giving him my phone calls.. please… I hope that you are cut off from your money and your men and your lives…. women.. and then I will be like Kelly Werner…. and call her family on her…

And from

If loser MJ just wants Lisa Miceli to go away - THEN PAY FOR THE DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS FRAUDULENT RELATIONSHIP ACCORDING TO THE AGREEMENTS THAT WERE HAD BY ARLAINE ROCKEY BACK IN May 2004 - buy the book, paternity matters, since most sex after MJ was strictly oral…. if that…

No more stalling, harassment, lying, etc, etc, please so that I can move on and fuck the hell out of every athlete that I want… since I am already being accussed of that as we speak……

MJ and Juanita Jordan are ruining my career- as evidenced in the tabloids/…..

I present business ideas - and then MJ acts them out himself…. IF HE IS GOING TO BE A PIG, THEN MARRY ME AND KEEP ME LOCKED UP IN THE HOUSE -

Or cut a check for messing with me.

Deb DiMaggio can assist you with this.


Ummm sweetie, I think you’re already there!

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