Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ramiele Is Gone From American Idol

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Ramiele received the least number of votes this week and was eliminated from American Idol. Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White rounded out this week’s bottom three. While I wasn’t surprised to see Ramiele get eliminated I was surprised and sad to see Brooke there. I really like and thought she had a good performance this week.

The competition is starting to get really tight. I think 5 of the contestants are talented enough to win this year: David Archuleta, David Cook, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, and Brooke White. I don’t mean any offense to Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook, or Syesha Mercado but I don’t think are going to last much longer. ramiele malubay

Simon Cowell was prominent in my favorite part of this week’s elimination show. It started when one of the people during the live call in segment asked Simon why he felt it was necessary to apologize after giving a contestant negative feedback. That prompted Simon to say he was never going to apologize again, but he did.

Brooke White very nicely asked Simon to apologize to the violin player for saying how he thought he would have been better off “in the shade,” basically saying that he should have stayed in the background and not been front and center with Brooke during her performance last night. Simon then apologized to the violin player, the audience (maybe because he has a tendency to tell them to be quiet when they boo him), Paula (not sure why) and to Carly Smithson.

He included an explanation with Carly’s apology. He told her he was just trying to help her last night when he criticized her wardrobe and told her she should “have a word with her wardrobe person because she needed to start looking more like a star.” He told Carly he really likes her and that he thinks she’s cute. Awww……. I do agree with Simon. Carly needs to wear less black and start to show a little more glam - rock girl style.

Tonight’s guest performers were Dolly Parton and The Clark Brothers. Dolly Parton was great. She’s an amazing artist and definitely has made her name as a music superstar. On the other hand, the Clark Brothers stunk. I hated their performance. If they had been contestants on the show I would have picked them to be eliminated. A friend of mine said she turned the television off while they performed because she couldn’t stand it.

Another great part of the show was a personal interest segment with three former contestants on the show: Bucky Covington (season 5), Phil Stacey (season 6) and Bo (season 4 runner-up). I was glad to hear Ryan Seacrest say the show would be catching up with more former contestants during the next couple of weeks.

Another week of American Idol television is over. It’s only 6 more days until we get our next American Idol “fix.”

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