Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pat Sajak Bald?

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Pat Sajak is not bald, remember the show was aired on April 1. While many thought Pat Sajak became bald, it was a joke.

On the April 1, 2008 airdate of Wheel Of Fortune, Pat reveals to everyone that he was wearing a hairpiece and for the first time, we see Pat Sajak with a bald head. Sajak was quick to remind the audience the show took place on April 1st.

Some bloggers like Dead Light Bulb were really confused if Pat Sajak was truly bald"

"I know it's April fools day, but Wheel Watchers got the shock of their lives Tuesday Evening. At the end of the episode, after the recap between Pat and Vanna, Vanna proceeds to pull a whig of Pat Sajak. I watched in HD and it looked like the real deal. Pat manages to give Howie Mandel a little knock by saying he could host “Deal or No Deal” Now. Does this mean Sajak hates jews? Im really confused," writes the blogger.

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fred brown said...

how did we get from is he bald to he hates jews?????????????????

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