Thursday, April 17, 2008

Install a Personal Security Cerificate

How do I install a Personal Security Cerificate in N91 ? What format does N91 Support ? And how do I export the certificate in that format from the PC ?

The N91 supports the DER/CER format.

1) Get a .CER (the certificate) file
2) Using PCSuite, copy that .CER file to your phone in any folder really. Documents will work
3) Using FileManager on your phone, navigate to the file, and you should be able to "open" it, and then it will say do you want to import it

These certificates you talk, are validation codes, to use in e-mail, when comunicate with autorities, or private organizations, like the ones used in Outlook - on a PC? Digital signatures? Is that?

Certificates are for security and yes they are about communicating identity (it's a bit more than that, but I'm not an expert). S60 has a lot of these preinstalled (e.g. the ones used on many SSL websites), but sometimes people need to add thier own. The most common is for email servers.

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