Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nokia N97 Full Screen Game Tips

Tips how to make your game running in Full Screen :D

  1. Install the game
  2. Open / launch the game
  3. Make sure your game is fully touch screen support or not
  4. If your game not support touch you must use keypad to play it (game using virtual key : badmanga, party campus, night fight, etc
  5. Way of converting into Full Screen : MENU>SETTINGS>APPLICATION MGR.>INSTALLED APPS.>Choose the game you want to set to Full Screen>OPTIONS>SUITE SETTINGS>ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD turn to OFF ( there are some caw yg jg game can be altered by its suite)
  6. Try again the game guys! enjoy the Full Screen game :D

Nokia N97 Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard for Nokia N97

Download Files Here

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nokia Man

When Nokia was founded in the year 1865, it had nothing to do with phones, and it was a pulp mill established on the banks of Nokia rapids in Finland. Its founder was Knut Fredrik Idesram.

The Finnish Rubber Works started using the Nokia brand in the beginning of 20th century. After the World War I, two companies Nokia Wood Mills and Finnish Cable Works, which was in the business of producing telephone and telegraph cables, were acquired by Finnish Rubber Works and these three companies amalgamated to form Nokia Corporation in the year 1967.

The current era of Nokia has its roots in the year 1960 when the electronic section was founded by the cable division and with its amalgamation in the year 1967, that section started making telecom equipments.

In the year 1972, Nokia got its first order from Finnish Defense Services for mobile phones for field radios.


RiceGF says:

Most people I know don't make phone calls by launching a phone application and punching numbers, but by selecting an existing contact. On the N900, this is accomplished in the most obvious way I can imagine - slide open the keyboard and type the first couple of letters of the name of the person you wish to call or text; matching names appear, and you tap the one you want, followed by the medium ("cell", "SMS", whatever).

The still and video camera are just as intuitive - open the lens cover, and the camera app opens. Then point and push the shutter button on top (like a "normal" camera). Pretty intuitive to me. And gorgeous photos and flix.

Your other observations are spot on, although my phone app does automatically switch between portrait and landscape. I only use it in landscape, though - the N900 is clearly a *tablet* (you say the volume, power and shutter are on the right - but as a tablet, they are on the *top*, where I'd expect them ;-).

And yes, the web browser *is* as good as they say. Brilliant!

Zak Sloan says:

I have been waiting for your review on this, and glad to see you have had the chance to test the N900.

Just a couple of points:

The N900 was designed and released as an 'internet tablet with phone capabilities', so although it falls into the smartphone category, it wasn't designed as a phone.

Recent updates have enabled portrait mode, which can be activated using Ctrl-Shift-O.

Also, as much as I love the N900 and all of its features, I would not recommend it for the average user. I would see them getting very frustrated with it.

You are right about the "potential" of the N900. I have had mine for over three months and also feel I have only scratched the surface!

It's a tinkerer's dream, and the features and capabilities run rings around other devices.

Skype does not need to be downloaded as an app, as it is integrated into the phone, so you can choose to make a regular, VoIP, or Skype call(or send an email) to a contact in your address book.

Ovi store for apps is still looking very poor, but there are lots of free apps available in the repositories.


The current information is that the N900 WILL be upgradable to Meego. There were a lot of worried users thinking they would be left behind, so this is very good news for them. We do not yet know when this will happen.

No carriers have announced that they will provide the phones, but some retail stores have said they will be selling it.

Lost Series Finale

Season 6 premiered on February 2, 2010, at its new timeslot of Tuesdays at 9:00 EST pm in the US and Canada and features 18 episodes. The sixth season follows two timelines, each an outcome of the detonation of a hydrogen bomb in the previous season finale. In the first timeline, referred to as "flash sideways", Oceanic Flight 815 never crashes. In the second, the survivors return to the present day and must deal with the demise of Jacob, whose death has been orchestrated by the mysterious Man in Black, the Smoke Monster. According to show producer Damon Lindelof, the term "flash-sideways" was deliberately used instead of "alternate reality" because it might then "infer that one of them isn't real, or one of them is real and the other is the alternate to being real."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Downloading applications on Nokia N900 Maemo

Downloading applications

Internet Tablets use the concept of software repositories, a concept carried over from Linux. You can tell your N900 where these repositories are via the Application Manager. The Application Manager automatically then presents you a list of available applications that can be installed on your device, and takes care of any dependancies that may be required.

There are multiple repositories available for the N900:

1. Nokia's Ovi Store
2. Commercial Application Vendors
3. Community Applications

The Application Manager also allows you to uninstall applications as well as keep you notified of updates to your installed applications.

You will also find One Click Install Applications on the web for instance in the Downloads section of this web site. You may also want to ]install applications which are not available through maemo.org, but which you download from third party sites.

If you can't find what you want, sign up to Maemo Talk and ask. If a few people are interested, or if a particular developer sees value in your idea, it's likely someone will write you an application to do what you want. And yes, that really does work.

Or you can learn to program in Maemo or Qt yourself.

There's a good set of tutorials here, with a Hello world app too... and there's a separate Developer FAQ on this site.

Application manager

Application manager is a preinstalled graphical user interface to APT.

Application manager shows contents of configured repositories. It is a tool to search and install software. The basic repository list has approximately same content as maemo.org Downloads.

Application manager also handles software updates automaticly.

Managing Repositories

In this example, we will be enabling the 'maemo.org' repository. (Which should already exist, but this is simply an example.)

Open Application Manager (Dashboard > Menu > More... > App. manager)

Go to Application catalogs (Press the menu bar at the top, where it says application manager)

Press New

Enter the Catalog Details

You can also disable catalogs for future use (Useful for maemo.org extras-testing and maemo.org extras-devel catalogs.)


Other ways

It is recommended to use the application manager since it this is the easiest way to install software. If it doesn't suit your needs please see the following solutions:

* Maemo Select - showcase for the best community and commercial apps
* maemo.org Maemo Downloads - for community-developed apps
* Ovi Store - for commercially-developed apps

Enhancing List Application Able To Install with Maemo

We know that Nokia N900 apps can be download in OVI store or in application manager. But we cannot find all application only in OVI store. So we can download from application manager by enhancing some new catalogue.

To add new catalogue, we need to step into Menu -> Application Manager.

Continue click of Application Manager exist in topmost shares. And afterwards this choice will emerge .

Continue click in Application catalogs, continue catalogue choice will emerge.

Then click again in New to add new catalogue, later will emerge form we which must fill.

This is the catalogue:

1. Maemo Extras Catalog Details :
Catalog name: Maemo Extras
Web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras/
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

2. Maemo Testing Applications Catalog Details :
Catalog name: Maemo Extras-Testing
Web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-testing/
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

3. Maemo Developer Testing Applications Catalog Details
Catalog name: Maemo Extras-Devel
Web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Monday, May 10, 2010

N900 keyboard shortcut - Potrait Mode on Web Browser

In the reality we can peep out Potrait Mode on Nokia N900. But only in WEB BROWSER.

To activate Potrait Mode just press "Ctrl+Shift+O" in Nokia N900 default browser web (Is not Mozilla etc). And tadaaaa... Nokia N900 Web Browser now turn into Potrait Mode.

Hope this tips can help improve your Web Browsing experience.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

N900 keyboard shortcut

General :
* Ctrl + Backspace: From within an application this will take you back out to the visual task manager
* Ctrl + C: Copy text
* Ctrl + V: Paste text
* Ctrl + X: Cut text
* Ctrl + A: Select all
* Ctrl + O: Open (if available)
* Ctrl + N: Create a new item (if available)
* Ctrl + S: Save (if available)
* Ctrl + Z: Undo (if available)
* Ctrl + Y: Redo (if available)
* Ctrl + F: Open search bar (if available)
* Ctrl + Right arrow: Move the insertion point to the end of the word
* Ctrl + Left arrow: Move the insertion point to the beginning of the word

Web Browser :
* Ctrl + N: Open a new window
* Ctrl + R: Reload the current page
* Ctrl + B: Open a bookmark
* Ctrl + D: Add a bookmark

Email :
* Ctrl + Enter: Send a message
* Ctrl + R: Reply to a message

RSS Reader :
* Ctrl + R: Refresh the feed

Screenshots :
* Ctrl + Shift + P: Capture a screenshot

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