Monday, March 17, 2008

Six Kim Myles Design Tips

Kim Myles Tips

Tip No. 1
Paint is the best option for a fast, inexpensive makeover. It can change the face of an entire room, even if just one accent wall is finished in a rich color. If selecting the right shade feels overwhelming, try using a favorite pieceof art, furniture or clothing as inspiration. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

Tip No. 2
White paint is your friend! Try painting boring old furniture, items like side tables, or the fireplace mantle (seen here). This will unify the space and provide the rest of the furniture and art with a fresh backdrop. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

Tip No. 3
To give a room a fresh start, try removing all items from the space and then putting the room back together using only the pieces you love. Most people are surprised by how much stuff they live with, but don't necessarily enjoy. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

Tip No. 4
Creating a unique piece of art for a room is as simple as purchasing a beautiful sheet of paper from a specialty paper store and framing it. The look of a matted and framed print will lend an air of legitimacy to the decor. The paper can be changed seasonally or according to mood. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

Tip No. 5
Resist the urge to buy all matching furniture and accessories. By collecting individual pieces in harmonious-but not matching-shapes, colors, or materials, you'll instantly achieve a much more stylish look. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

Tip No. 6
A simple vase with fresh blooms is an easy and inexpensive way to liven up any space; even the underrated carnation can be displayed with style. To achieve the most impact, gather the heads of the flowers in a tight bunch, then cut the stems so that the petals are the only part peeking out of the vase or vessel (seen here). A common mistake in at-home coral displays is allowing too much stem to show. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport, HGTV)

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