Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nokia E90 - Battery Lifetime

Reader Review bout E90 Battery

I'm already using this phone since 3 months ago. It's a great phone. It has everything, but for me it has 2 lacks:
1. is the Quicksheet, i'm 9300 former user, and compare to 9300, E90's sheet is NOTHING.
2. is the Camera, though 3.2 MP, if you compare it with K800, K800 has little sharper image.

I'm a big person, so i will choose a bulky phone than little one, so have nothing problem with E90 size.

what else, oh yeah, battery, have no problem, with it's capability, the battery lifetime you can say it's TOUGH. If you never use the Internet, it can work until 1 week. I've tried it.

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