Monday, March 17, 2008

Nokia N81 vs iPhone

Nokia N81 vs Apple iPhone

i have been using iphone for the past 2 months till yesterday made up my mind changed to Nokia N81 8G

look: iphone is def better, slim, classic, hardware exp buttons & lCD is better, Nokia in this round is lousy, i saw 2 second hand N81 which the top left lock switch is loose or broken :p slide is not smooth, i got my first set changed due to rough sliding feel.

MUSIC: i m a heavy music listener! in this round NOKIA N81 8G def WIN big time! Sound quality is better than any ipod or iphone. Convert to Mobile optimised m4a format at 48 kbps u can store almost 3x more songs than iphone!

Nokia Games & Apps: i seldom play games. maybe some one is kind enough to sent me a cracked version of smart movie :p

overall battery can last me 2 days with abt 40mins talk time, 3 hours music, 30 mins wifi, abt 30 sms, plus 20 camera shots with flash on.

but most of all is i like this phone. the important thing is u must understand that this is still another nokia N series phone! cant compare to iphone with non symbian OS which is very fast & swift in terms of functions, music & camera. N81 camera sucks big time! so my concern is the MUSIC quality plus not so many restrictions as like iphone. I will still prefer a Nokia N81 8G. i guess i will be happy to use it for another year or so.

complains found online abt iphone. instead of looking cool, i think buyers end up like a poser, buying for the sake of the overhyped up apple logo... so isn't the choice obvious?

Lack of memory expansion slot to increase the basic memory

Volume too soft for voice calls, earpiece, speakerphone, ringer
Alert sounds (including voicemail and text messages)

Slow download speeds

No document viewer on iphone

Browser does not save passwords, or synchronize passwords from the big-screen browser

No search tools which is useful for finding music or contacts.

The inboxes in the email are not aggregated as they are in apple mail

Screen only reacts to human skin, hampered by the use of gloves

When the volume on the earpiece is set to a maximum level, severe echoing can ensue.

Iphone has bluetooth, but can we really use it? No!with all, i repeat all, other phone we can do nice things with bluetooth like:

  • transfer files to the mac/pc or to other bluetooth devices
  • synch your phone with the mac/pc. No need for a cable!
  • connect to external gps in your car. The iphone has all the nice google maps, why can’t we not use them in a proper way!?
  • internet access from your laptop
The only thing that you can do on the iphone with your bluetooth is connect a headset, this is makes the iphone a somewhat crippled device when it comes to bluetooth!

Does not offer umts support, one of the third-generation (3g) cell phone technologies.

No office suite is available. You can not store documents on the device to be viewed, they can only be viewed as attachments when they're sent to your in an email.

Limited to the default ringtone choices no way to grab your favorite piece of music from itunes and set it as a ring tone, will have to pay an extra 99 cents to do this!

Battery life shorter than promised. The iphone battery is not able to be changed directly by the consumer. It has to be changed in the store or sent into an apple service center. This cost is covered by the apple care extended warranty, but if you do not have it, or it has expired, changing the battery will cost you around $80

Iphone web browser is slow over wlan.

Losing their responsiveness over some screen areas. Greatly affects the screen keypad and makes text input difficult

Lack of flash support in the web browser

Built-in gps is not user accessible

Built-in camera has no ability to be adjusted

Lack of useful applications (ssh, sftp, vnc, remote desktop

No games

No voice dialing

Keyboard is very difficult to use, does not lend itself easily to fast typing. It's not a device you can use with one hand comfortably, much less without looking

The iphone incorporates a 2 megapixel digital camera. The camera is strictly point and shoot. There is no zoom, no focus and no flash. It can be difficult to snap quality pictures with the iphone camera's limitations. Pictures may end up too dark or blurry. To be fair, pictures that do come out tend to be high quality.

No instant messaging, users have to rely on sms messaging or email.

Cut and paste. For easy manipulation of text and for grabbing chunks of information from websites, people typically rely on cut and paste. At this time, iphone does not have this otherwise standard feature.

There is no file browser on the device at all. Data must be organized (if at all) in the appropriate application.

You can only send one picture at a time in an email.

No speed dialing (which can be made up by the "quick list", but getting to that quick list isn't as fast as holding a single key on a real keypad)

No video.

No mms.

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