Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nokia E90 - About E90

Nokia E90

Although I am happy with the Electronics/SW and speed of the E90 I am not very pleased with the mechanical build. I have been to Salo and my friends there confirm that I am not alone.

They now have a fix for new production, but that does not help those who have already paid close to 1000Euro.

The problem is a combination of new type of metal swivel hinges and a very tight/close tolerance between keyboard and internal display.

When you close the case the hinges do not always operate squarely, they twist, and the keys can touch the display, and as the hinges correct their non square/twisting movement, this can and does result in scratches to the screen.

The case must be firmily shut/registered with its magnetic clip, to permit the camera operation hence the close tight tolerance on the key board to display gap.
You can see that my job is quality control.... Very Happy Very Happy

Other possible problems associated with a move from 9500 and 9300 to E90 is that the E90 uses the newer Symbian S60 V3 OS and older 9500/9300 uses S80. SW written for S80 does not work on S60 platforms. So David your Finnish dictionary cannot port to the E90.

Third problem which is causing lots of moans is that E90/3G does not support Fax ...Traditional big markets in Far/Mid East love faxes.. 9500 9300 had it E90 not. The Nokia BB is full of cries of dismay.

But these are the only -ve of E90..

Now Nokia have corrected the early build problem....and if you dont need fax...It is much quicker than 9300..E90 has a 350 Meg CPU

9500/9300 only has 50 megs..

Memory will never be a problem with E90 I have sucked off the internet just about every availble SW option, Incl├║ding a big FI racing game with incredible graphics.. and it has bearly made a splash at the bottom of my memory ..It also has a huge memory card but I have only used that for back up when I updated the firmware.

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