Monday, March 31, 2008

'Hills' puts People's in the spotlight

LOS ANGELES: Fashion PR agency People's Revolution anticipates the hiring of The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port will expose the inner-workings of its business and its brand on various episodes.

Port joined as a full-time employee the third week in January. She had interviewed in LA and trained in New York during fashion week. Conrad is working as an intern in LA. The Hills third season debuted on March 24. The first episode did not feature the agency, but owner Kelly Cutrone said they have been filming in the office.

The girls met the owner, Kelly Cutrone, when Teen Vogue contacted her about using its template of fashion shows to facilitate the girls' internships at the magazine.

Cutrone explained that while the show this season is more about the girls than the agency, she's excited about being involved in a show with a high market value, and exposing the agency's marketing template and brand set.

“For us, [the affiliation] makes sense because we're taking young women and turning them into publicists; we're a very education-based agency,” said Cutrone.

To educate Port, the agency threw her into various situations, one of which involved client Julia Clancey, a London designer arrested by an LA-customs officer days before her show.

Clients were also excited, providing a “resounding yes” when asked to participate. “Our clients [understand] that you can't just be in six magazines a year to communicate a strong brand,” said Cutrone.

Media reports had mentioned People's Revolution's spotlight before the season began. Since Monday night's premier, the number of companies soliciting the agency has exceeded the usual 10-12 per day.

“From the perspective of being a communicator and loving pop culture, I'm excited about watching it, but I don't know what the outcome will be,” said Cutrone.

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