Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reality romance

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When British financier Matt Grant comes calling on the season premiere of “The Bachelor,” it may be an Oklahoman who snags his heart.

Carri Perrier, described in ABC press information as a 25-year-old church marketing representative from Oklahoma City, will be among the 25 American women vying for Grant’s heart in the 12th edition of ABC’s romance reality series “The Bachelor: London Calling.”

It debuts at 8:32 p.m. Monday on channel 8.

The winner of numerous beauty pageants, Perrier has competed as a singer and supported platforms including suicide prevention and the national Girl Power campaign.

In the 2007 Miss Oklahoma Pageant, Perrier, as Miss Bricktown Oklahoma City, won the $1,000 Miss America Community Service Award andwasnamedatop10 finalist. A resident of Bartlesville, she was then a graduate student at Oklahoma City University, according to a Tulsa World article. She was also a finalist in the 2006 Miss Oklahoma Pageant where she was Miss Bricktown OKC, and competed in the 2005 pageant representing Sooner State and the 2004 pageant as Miss Frontier Country. Also in 2005, she was chosen as Centennial
Homecoming Queen at Oklahoma City University, according to her sorority’s (Alpha Phi) magazine. Perrier was Miss Oklahoma National TeenAger 2001 and a semifinalist in the Miss National TeenAger competition.

The Oklahoman joins a cast that includes the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas (and granddaughter of Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl), a diva who makes her own gowns, a singer-songwriter, a know-it-all everyone loves to hate, a blonde with a mysterious family past and one out-of-control woman who has few, if any, inhibitions.

“However, few could rival Carri and her rare and dramatic ability to bite a tin can in half — a talent she readily demonstrates to the ‘Bachelor,’ ” according to an ABC statement.

As in seasons past, the women will move into plush accommodations for the duration of the series.

On Monday night, Grant, 27, will send 10 women home, leaving 15 to compete for his affection. The women will continue to be eliminated each week.

In a new twist, a woman can decide she’s no longer interested in the Bachelor, and can reject his invitation to continue dating.

A few lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.

The series moves to its regular time slot of 9 p.m. Mondays starting March 24. Chris Harrison returns as host of the series.

The bachelorettes include:

Alyssa, 24, a biology student from Boise, Idaho.

Amanda P., 26, a law student from Las Vegas.

Amanda R., 27, an account executive from Niceville, Fla.

Amy, 22, a nanny from Stockton, Calif.

Ashlee, 22, a singer/songwriter from Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Carri, 25, a church marketing representative from Oklahoma City.

Chelsea, 24, a pharmaceutical sales representative from Durango, Colo.

Denise, 30, a former Bush aide from Washington, D.C.

Devon, 24, a makeup artist from Austin, Texas.

Erin H., 25, an event planner from Seattle.

Erin S., 33, a hot dog vendor from Venice, Calif.

Holly, 25, a children’s book author from Suffield, Ohio.

Kelly, 24, a medical sales representative from San Diego.

Kristine, 32, a personal trainer from Charlotte, N.C.

Lesley, 23, a youth minister from Tampa, Fla.

Marshana, 27, a fashion designer from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Michelle, 28, an administrative assistant from Syracuse, N.Y.

Michele, 33, an interior designer from Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Noelle, 26, a photographer from Loveland, Colo.

Rebecca, 30, an attorney from Alamo, Calif.

Robin, 22, an advertising coordinator from Holland, Mich.

Shayne, 22, an actress from Malibu, Calif.

Stacey, 26, a graduate student from Chicago.

Tamara, 23, a cocktail waitress from Beverly Hills, Calif.

Tiffany, 33, a real estate marketing representative from San Francisco.

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