Monday, July 7, 2008

SpeedCam: GPS Speed Camera Detector for S60 3rd Ed

SpeedCam for S60 3rd Ed
Freeware Speed Camera Warning System Speed Camera Warning

The speed cameras can be tricky and very annoying. They don't prevent infractions and sometimes are misleading and you end up being charged hundreds for driving only a couple of miles over the limit.

A new survey of motorists across Britain has revealed that over 90% of drivers worry about being caught by a speed camera, especially when driving on unfamiliar roads and that more than 81% are confused because speed limits are not effectively signed.

The survey also highlighted that 84% of drivers do not always notice speed camera warning signs. If caught on camera, 14.4% say their 'biggest concern' would be the cost of the penalty fine, but a larger number (24.7%) now rate the fear of increased insurance premiums as their chief worry.

Fortunately there are several ways to protect yourself from speed cameras and just announced Speed Camera Warning application sounds as perfect solution for the S60 devices owners!

Speed Camera Warning is software based solution which turns your GPS equipped S60 phone into a fully-functioning GPS speed camera warning system. Because it's a freeware software solution, it will basically cost you nothing which making it much better solution than a dedicated camera warning system

Applications is designed to operate either in conjunction with Nokia Maps, or in the background (e.g. whilst using another application or in standby) and popup to the foreground with an audio visual alert, then return to the background.
SpeedCam SpeedCam

A suitable speed camera data file is required. A dummy file speedcam.txt is provided to illustrate the required format of the file.

For the UK, a good source of up to date files is available at Pocket GPS World (I have no affiliation with them) who now provide a file specifically for this application - an annual subscription is required to obtain the relevant file (look for Nokia SpeedCam) from:

An old pocketgps_uk_sc.csv file that can be used to try out the application is available free in:

This application has only been tested on a N95-1 running V21 firmware and latest Nokia Maps v2 using both the internal GPS and an external BlueTooth GPS, but should work with other S60 3ed phones that support Location Based Services. (Users have reported it working on N81, N82, E90) The application is developed in Python

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