Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Opinion bout E71

I have been using mine for the last two days as well, only a couple negatives from me

No Access groups like E61i
Shame the case shows every mark but it is superbly made with no creaks and groans like the E90.
The one thing i cant understand, they put the new micro usb connector on it for data cable connection but dont enable the charging facility, I know it has the normal small pin charger connector but why o why miss out this feature it would have just made it that little bit speacial with two options to charge it.
Could not get the altered version of Tom*** to work with the internal GPS which is a shame.

Keyboard is great, having used the E90 for several months I feared it was not going to compare but it certainly does and in my opinion is even better.
Mine came with 3 months access to the full nokia maps.

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