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N81 has 3D accelerator inside ?

Near Say:

Dear All,

can you adv if N 81 has 3 D accelerator ?
I read on the specs it doesn't have 3 D accelerator like N 95 has.

But it's said it can play N-Gage games
My question is can it play N-Gage games smoothly ?

I'm interested with N 6120 c which also has the same processor speed as N 81 but also doesn't have 3 D accellerator.

One more important 6120 classic capable running N gage games ?


Ester say:

According to the official Nokia Specifications page - No.. It does not.

See here (N81):

Compared to N95 (with accelerator):

The N81 uses the faster "single" CPU (369Mhz - same as the 6120 CPU) whilst the N95 uses the slower "dual" CPU (333 Mhz + Graphics accelerator).

Even though its listed as "N-Gage" machine, so is the N73 (which does not have the accelerator either).

For 2D, Java and software based 3D games - it will be "tad" faster (<10%) but the N95 will kill the N81 in any GL hardware accelerated games (eg. System Rush or Global Race) by a good 10x (according to most mobile mark benchmarks)..

Nester Say:

No, it doesn't... N81 has single FreeScale MXC300-30 ARM1136 Processor with 369 MHz clockrate.

3D-accelerator installed only on devices with Texas Instruments OMAP 2420 ChipSet (Nokia N800, N810, N93, N93i, N95, E90, Motorola Z8, etc.). OMAP 2420 includes ARM1136 Processor with 330 MHz Clockrate, TMS320C55x DSP with 220 MHz Clockrate, 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator, Imaging and Video Accelerator...

N81 actualy has the i.MX31 Freescale CPU
Does anyone know anymore details about this CPU, and what advantages it has over the TI OMAP 2420 CPU besides clock speed?
Im just very curious to why Nokia would use this CPU if it has absolutely no 2D/3D Acceleration?
I also see that Moto used this same CPU on the RAZR V8 yet it's doing 500mhz!!

Yes you right, it has i.MX31 instead of MXC300-30...
As for advantages, it's cheaper, nothing more...

While the OMAP 24XX line is dual core, that just means a DSP and an ARM core. There are other cores on it; like the 2D/3D accelerator. So just because a chip has one core, doesn't mean it does have 3D capabilities.

That Freescale processor does have 3D support: nodeId=01J4Fs2973ZrDR
"The i.MX31 processor adds an integrated 3-D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that delivers an incredible 1 MTri/sec (double textured, bi-linear, Gouraud shaded) at about 100 Mpix/sec (effective) to drive screen resolutions of VGA and above and color representation up to 32 bits per pixel. The GPU is built around the ARM MBX R-S™ graphics accelerator. It offers full scene anti-aliasing for superior image quality and provides OpenGL® ES and Java Mobile 3-D support."

The GPU is not considered a core on the Freescale or the Ti OMAP line.

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