Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nokia's musical park bench With Music

The Nokia Comes With Music subscription service provides users with unlimited access to Nokia's Music Store catalogue. That's a nifty two million songs on your phone, anytime. Now, the mobile giant has built a load of park-bench-shaped MP3 players to promote the service, and save our derrieres…

The benches will be placed at 'secret locations' – namely parks, streets and town squares – all over the UK. Each bench has three Nokia handsets and headphones installed into the arm rests.

The available playlist differs depending on where you are. Nokia surveyed the nation to find its favourite songs, and tailored the list to fit each region's favourites. Whether Liverpool's list is chock full of The Beatles and Birmingham's with Black Sabbath remains to be heard.
Take a seat

Before you think about stealing one for your garden, each bench will be accompanied by a live performer and, presumably, a security guard. One different appearance will be made each day between now and Christmas - check out the Comes With Music site to find out where.

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