Saturday, October 11, 2008

The E90 Communicator hits v300!

Hot off the press, the Nokia E90 has had another big firmware update, to v300.34.84. There's now Maps 2.0 in the firmware, plus many other improvements. Changelog below. [Update: looks like this new release knocks out Blackberry support. If this is important to you then don't upgrade!]

v300 includes:

* Much faster orientation switching (open/close lid etc)
* Nokia Maps 2.0 now built-in
* Download! application updated (v 3.1.736)
* Cosmetic upgrade to Music player
* Update for Flash Lite 3 and Flash video
* Wi-Fi improvements
* New baseline for VoIP
* Realplayer supports FLV format (i.e FLV files can be played directly like MP4)

In summary, well worth going through the usual backup/restore (from card) and tweaking procedures....

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