Tuesday, May 27, 2008

S60 overview

The S60 platform brings end users the best smartphone experience available. The platform is implemented in a diverse range of devices and provides application and media developers with a consistent set of technologies. Equally at home delivering advanced enterprise applications, games, or music, the S60 platform gives developers unparalleled opportunities in the mobile space.

Developers can work in C++ (using native Symbian OS APIs and a subset of the POSIX standard libraries provided by Open C), the Java™ language (using MIDP 2.0 with an extensive range of additional JSRs), Flash Lite from Adobe, and Python.

Once applications and content have been created, support for OMA DRM protects developers' intellectual property.

S60 licensees had shipped more than 100 million S60 devices cumulatively by April 2007. As for the overall smartphone market, it is expected to continue growing rapidly: Nokia expects cumulative smartphone shipments to exceed 250 million units in 2008. According to company projections, S60 devices will account for the bulk of this volume.

The S60 platform enables developers to create high-value applications and content with lucrative revenue opportunities. The platform approach — with uniform implementation of technologies and supporting tools, documentation, and examples — requires less effort by developers to grasp these market opportunities.

Find out more at S60.com, the "one-stop shop" for information on the S60 platform — including applications, licensees, devices, news, blogs, and developer information.

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