Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Disassemble Nokia N70

When dismantling any phone, great care should be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to any of the parts. Rough handling may result in severe damage of many parts, and if proper anti-static procedures are not followed, electrostatic damage may result in any electronic component.

Before commencing, it is recommended that the correct tools are purchased for the job in hand - at the very least, you will require a Torx T6 screwdriver..

Step 1. Protect the display with a film to prevent damage.

Step 2. Remove the battery cover.

Step 3. Place a plastic shim between the fascia and chassis and release the four clips indicated below. Turn the handset over and lift the fascia away.

Step 4. Remove key mat.

Step 5. Protect the screen with a film or similar.

Step 6. Also protect the inside if the screen window.

Step 7. Remove the MMC card door.

Step 8. Insert your shim between the aerial cover and the chassis and release all clips to remove the cover.

Step 9. Use tweezers to remove the power button.

Step 10. Protect the camera bezel with a film.

Step 11. Remove the camera gasket.

Step 12. I suggest that you only remove the camera unit if you have access to the correct tool for the job - otherwise leave it in place.

Step 13. Remove the six Torx T6 screws in the order shown below and store them safely.

Step 14. Lift the user interface assembly from the chassis taking care not to induce strain on the foil connector that will still be attached underneath.

Step 15. Carefully release the flex connector using a flat bladed screwdriver.

Step 16. Release each clip of the LCD frame and remove the screen.

Step 17. Remove the ear piece from the frame.

Step 18. If you need to remove the ear piece gasket be aware that it is glued in place and should be replaced for reassembly.

Step 19. Unclip the shield assembly.

Step 20. Now push down and remove the shield.

Step 21. Pull the frame slightly to release the user interface board.

Step 22. Now the user interface board can be removed.

Step 23. Remove the main circuit board.

Step 24. Remove the vibra motor.

Step 25. Remove the microphone.

Step 26. Remove the power jack using an unplugged charger.

Step 27. Lever out the internal hands free speaker taking not of the position of the guiding pin for reassembly.

Step 28. Release the five plastic clips of the aerial assembly.

Step 29. Carefully remove the aerial assembly.

Step 30. Lever out the camera bezel.

Step 31. Remove any adhesive residue (you'll need to reglue the bezel for reassembly).

Step 32. Remove the camera assembly only if you have the right tools for the job.

Step 33. And that should be your phone disassembled. Reassembly is a simple reversal of the above steps taking care to fully test the handset to ensure that you have not caused any damage or missed any steps.

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