Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to install N-Gage direct to your phone without a PC

The official N-Gage site's installation instructions seem to concentrate on installing the N-Gage application using a PC. However, there is a much quicker and simpler alternative which lets you install the N-Gage app directly onto your phone through its web browser. Click on the headline of this news item for more details...

If you look carefully on the official "Get N-Gage" page, you'll see a mobile N-Gage installation site mentioned using teeny tiny letters, so tiny that this writer missed it until recently.

In fact the mobile site provides probably the easiest method for installing N-Gage on your phone, much easier than the PC-based way that the official site recommends.

Here's how to do it the mobile way:
  1. Open your phone's web browser and go to this adddress: http://n-gage.mobi/d
  2. You'll now see a special mobile site that lets you install the N-Gage app directly onto your phone. Follow the instructions and press "OK", "Yes" and "Continue" to all the questions.
  3. After the app has installed, close the phone's web browser.
And that's it, the N-Gage app should now be installed and ready to go! If it's not on the front page of the menu system, try looking in the Applications folder.

Need to update the phone's firmware?

If the installation process tells you to update the phone's firmware (referred to as "software" by Nokia for some weird reason), this is something you'll have to do before you can install N-Gage.

For a firmware update, you'll need access to a Windows PC if you want to do it yourself. The actual updating process is fairly easy, just download and install the Nokia Software Updater on your PC, launch it and follow its instructions.

If you don't have a Windows PC, you can get your phone's firmware updated at a Nokia-approved service centre (you can find one of these by clicking on the "Support" link of your region's Nokia website).

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