Monday, May 24, 2010


RiceGF says:

Most people I know don't make phone calls by launching a phone application and punching numbers, but by selecting an existing contact. On the N900, this is accomplished in the most obvious way I can imagine - slide open the keyboard and type the first couple of letters of the name of the person you wish to call or text; matching names appear, and you tap the one you want, followed by the medium ("cell", "SMS", whatever).

The still and video camera are just as intuitive - open the lens cover, and the camera app opens. Then point and push the shutter button on top (like a "normal" camera). Pretty intuitive to me. And gorgeous photos and flix.

Your other observations are spot on, although my phone app does automatically switch between portrait and landscape. I only use it in landscape, though - the N900 is clearly a *tablet* (you say the volume, power and shutter are on the right - but as a tablet, they are on the *top*, where I'd expect them ;-).

And yes, the web browser *is* as good as they say. Brilliant!

Zak Sloan says:

I have been waiting for your review on this, and glad to see you have had the chance to test the N900.

Just a couple of points:

The N900 was designed and released as an 'internet tablet with phone capabilities', so although it falls into the smartphone category, it wasn't designed as a phone.

Recent updates have enabled portrait mode, which can be activated using Ctrl-Shift-O.

Also, as much as I love the N900 and all of its features, I would not recommend it for the average user. I would see them getting very frustrated with it.

You are right about the "potential" of the N900. I have had mine for over three months and also feel I have only scratched the surface!

It's a tinkerer's dream, and the features and capabilities run rings around other devices.

Skype does not need to be downloaded as an app, as it is integrated into the phone, so you can choose to make a regular, VoIP, or Skype call(or send an email) to a contact in your address book.

Ovi store for apps is still looking very poor, but there are lots of free apps available in the repositories.


The current information is that the N900 WILL be upgradable to Meego. There were a lot of worried users thinking they would be left behind, so this is very good news for them. We do not yet know when this will happen.

No carriers have announced that they will provide the phones, but some retail stores have said they will be selling it.

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