Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skyfire in the UK - now it's official

Yes, so many of us have been playing with the new proxy-based, video-friendly, S60-native browser Skyfire over the last few weeks. It has now gone official though, with links, press release extracts and an official Skyfire FAQ below.

"December 9, 2008 – Mountain View, CA – Today, Skyfire officially announced that their mobile browser is available in the UK, giving consumers there easy access to the only mobile browser that makes browsing on a mobile phone just like browsing on a PC. Skyfire lets users experience the “real web” to access and interact with any website built with any internet technology, including dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, Silverlight, Java and more – at the same speeds they are accustomed to on their PC. With this free downloadable browser, for the first time, users can:

  • watch any videos from the real YouTube and BBC iPlayer as well as live broadcasts of sporting and current events,
  • stay connected with their friends on the full-feature PC versions of social networks like Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, and Twitter,
  • listen to any Web music service like Last.fm, Live365.com and ShoutCast.com,
  • shop on websites like eBay and Amazon,
  • use any popular website like the BBC, Google, Yahoo, etc. -- just like they do on their PC.

“We are fully committed to user experience and speed. In fact, so much so that we have opened a data center in the UK to ensure that consumers there have the best Skyfire performance and experience. We’ve also customized the Skyfire start pages of for the UK consumer to include their most popular websites like the BBC, Bebo, eBay.co.uk, and Amazon.co.uk.” said Bhandari. “Prior to launching in the UK, we ensured that Skyfire runs on the most popular Nokia E or N Series phones that are so prevalent in the UK. We’re excited to give these UK Nokia users an iPhone-like browsing experience, but even better with Flash supported and unmatched speeds.”

Skyfire Technology

Skyfire’s patent-pending technology is the foundation of Skyfire’s unique ability to support all web technologies, both current and future, at speeds comparable to the PC. With Skyfire’s proprietary technology, supporting any new web standard becomes a seamless user experience without the need to upgrade to new releases. This technology allows Skyfire to support real web browsing while saving precious bandwidth and reducing processing power and memory needed on the phone.

Skyfire Beta

Skyfire launched their beta in the US in February 2008, and now the beta is active in the US, Canada and the UK. The award-winning mobile browser runs on Windows Mobile (both touch and non-touchscreens as well as VGA resolution) and Symbian Series 60 (3rd edition) phones. To read which phones Skyfire runs on, see www.skyfire.com/about/beta. Users can download the free mobile browser at get.skyfire.com from either their PC or mobile browser."

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