Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Python for S60 1.4.5 is now released.

Python for S60 1.4.5 is now released. This is an officially signed release.

You can download the release from the usual place in SourceForge:


This release runs on S60 2nd edition (and all FPs) and 3rd edition.

The release includes:
- source code
- device binaries for 2.0, 2.6, 2.8 and 3.0
- emulator binaries for 2.0, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.1
- emulator binaries for armv5 (RVCT)
- documentation PDF.

The release is officially Nokia signed. The capabilities for the PythonForS60 component are "ALL -TCB -DRM -AllFiles", so the DLLs are usable with almost all applications as is and thus there is no longer a need for a separate unsigned-freedevcert version of this package.

The script shell package is signed with the user-grantable capability set (ReadUserData WriteUserData NetworkServices LocalServices UserEnvironment). If you need more capabilities, you need to obtain a devcert and sign the unsigned_testrange script shell package with it. The UID for unsigned_testrange script shell package is updated with untrusted range (0xE0000000...0xEFFFFFFF)

Changes in 1.4.5 from 1.4.4:

Feature additions:

* Added the possibility to run Python code in threads that weren't started by Python itself, by adding the functions
InitializeForeignThread() and FinalizeForeignThread() to the
CSPyInterpreter class. For details see the section "Python/C API
Extensions" of the API Reference.
* Added timeout support to globalui module.
* The positioning module has been made safe to use from several threads.
* Support for the "description" field has been added to the calendar module.

Note: The UIDs for officially signed 3rd edition packages (1.4.x) are different from the prereleases (1.3.x). The 1.4.x releases have UIDs assigned from the protected range, while the 1.3.x releases had UIDs from the unprotected range. If your software depends on the UIDs it may need changes. Especially note that it may not be possible to directly upgrade an application package that embeds a 1.3.x runtime package into a new version that embeds a 1.4.x runtime package without removing the old runtime package first.

The UID changes relevant to application programmers are as follows:

- PythonForS60 package: old 0xF0201510 new 0x2000B1A0
- PythonScriptShell package: old 0xF0201515 new 0x2000B1A5

All users are recommended to upgrade.

This release is the same as 1.3.11 in that ***you need to install both the PythonforS60 _and_ the PythonScriptShell package to get the same functionality as before on 2nd edition. ***

Bug reports, patches and feature requests are welcomed in the usual places:

Bugs: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?grou...55&atid=790646
Patches: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?grou...55&atid=790648
Feature requests:http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?grou...55&atid=790649

Yes, really - if you find a clear bug file it in SourceForge. That's what we track regularly, not every thread in the discussion board. If you post a bug report only in the DiBo, we might miss it.

When filing bugs, include the device you used, its firmware version (you can see this by entering *#0000# in the idle screen), the PyS60 version and a minimal test case (if applicable).

Happy hacking!

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