Friday, July 30, 2010

Nokia latest phones will use components that can be recycled

NOKIA mobile phone company recently announced plans to release 40 new models that have used materials that are recyclable and not harmful to the environment.

One of them is the Nokia 3110 which has been using 65% of existing components with a material that can be recycled (recyclable).
For information, most mobile phones currently available are not much use of materials can be recycled and also dangerous (toxic) such as a lithium battery that can be dangerous for the environment if not disposed of properly.

To further support the "campaign" or environmentally conscious, even NOKIA will set up bins for recycling (green bins) in each office or service center where customers can dispose of or part of a mobile phone which is not used anymore.
It seems to serve as an example for other phone companies and may be also reduced for those of you who like to cover mutually phone.

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