Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nokia 6760 / Surge

The newest device here, the 6760's the lowest specified and rather plasticky, but will still appeal to some because of the useable slide out qwerty keyboard, rivalling the E75 and 5730's, and the very low price. The camera's not a brilliant one though and there's no Wi-fi, a deal breaker for some.

Compiling the above information, it strikes me that there's no runaway winner in the 'QWERTY on Symbian' stakes. The newest two devices are also two of the lowest specified and with lowest build quality. The E90 should have been top of the pile and should have remained there, even today, but its firmware remains frustratingly forgotten. The E71 is a contender but the use of the older S60 3rd Edition FP1 lets it down slightly. The E75 is the best of the crop for me because of its large keyboard, decent camera and FP2 under the hood, but as noted above, the E75 does have its downsides too.

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