Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nokia USB problem

I have this Problem. I got a usb cable that came with a card reader i bought and i used it to connect may 6300 to my Pc. I installed the drivers which i got from the nokia website, the ones right here
,and used The PC Suite to transfer some games. everything went fine. but the next day when i powered up my computer i got a Bsod saying something about a faulty driver. i used the lask known good config that worked to load windows, and when i plugged the data cable and the phone the pc i didn't even get the new hardware message. i tried to plug it into another Pc and it also didn't work. But the phone gives me the message about the usb being plugged. Please help me solve this problem.

You might need to reinstall the Nokia PC Suite, download it from the site and try it again.

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