Thursday, January 1, 2009

The N95 : After a year with my Dad

About a year ago I gave my Dad a Nokia N95 for Christmas. At that time, I thought it was the best phone out there, and only the best would do for my old man.

What I forgot, however, was that my Dad is REALLY tough on his gadgets. He crams them into his pockets full of keys or coins, he tosses them around. After remembering that vital fact, I was worried about how the N95-1 would manage under such "tough" conditions.

So I present to ye, pictures of the N95 after it survived a year with its toughest user, that I know.

The first thing you've probably noticed already, is that the weak battery compartment is taped on to the thing. This usually wont be a problem, unless you change SIMs alot like my Dad and have to open the battery compartment a lot. The plastic hinges at the ends were really brittle and broke off early on.

Next !

The camera still works fine. The lens protector has worn quite a bit. A lot of the silver paint has come off, and there's dust in the lens opener slide mechanism.

But the good thing is, the lens protector did its job well. The lens was still fine, but had a little dust in it though. Still fared a lot better than if it didnt have a lens protector.

When it comes to keys, the chrome on the side zoom in/out (aka volume increase/decrease) buttons have completely worm off.

Oh dear.

The chrome under the pencil button and "C" key have now also worn away.

The slider's also become a little harder to move up or down. A lot of dust has accumulated in the sides of the slider mechanism.

Apart from that, the phone still works fine ! The flash works, the camera works. The firmware hasnt been updated, and my Dad has no intent to update it (mostly cause he doesnt even know how to begin with that operation). Mechanically or software wise, nothing has gone wrong with the device at all so far.

Clearly a testiment to the N95's product quality. Heh, maybe Nokia should hire my Dad for its product quality testing.


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