Sunday, November 30, 2008

GPS-Action: Place-dependent actions

Kudos to Symbian Guru (the developer, not the blogger) for introducing a new genre of S60 utility. GPS-Action uses GPS and/or cell ID to fire alarms, switch profiles, open applications, etc. according to where you are rather than the time of day. So, for example, you could be reminded to look for a particular product the next time you get to the shopping mall. Lots more other examples and information at the main GPS-Action page.

"With GPS-Action your mobile will become even more smart: it will fire alarms and perform different actions depending on your geographical position (GPS). Available also for devices without internal GPS, basing on Cell ID positioning! Version 1.0 released 25.11.2008

Bored with alarms firing in the wrong place? GPS-Action will fire reminder exactly when you reach the target place, no sooner and no later! Depending on your geographical location GPS-Action will fire alarm, open the application, change profile, launch the website, open a document or a certain application for you. Bluetooth status change included, of course.

Key Features:

* Alarms and actions performed silently, as soon as the geographical target is achieved
* Recurring alarms and actions with many scheduling conditions
* Variety of actions include: change profile, change BT status, open document, launch application, launch website.
* Action frequency can be restricted for the case you are approaching the same landmark more then once
* Time range for the action or alarm can be restricted, you will not be bothered at night.
* Two types of geo positioning: based on GPS and Cell information
* Available for all Series 60.3 devices, even to those without GPS receiver.
* Full synchronisation with native Nokia Landmarks
* Minimal alarm playtime can be set, as well as personalized alarm note
* Customizable alarm sound for every single alarm."

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