Thursday, June 19, 2008

AAS Podcast #80: AAS Insight #29 - Of Apples, Nokias and Cloud Computing

A slightly different spin on the podcast this week, partly because we replaced Steve with Ricky Cadden (for this week only) but mainly because someone thought it would be a good for Ewan to do the show after a gallon of espresso...

Topics covered, but not limited to:

* An Evening with S60 in Boston.
* The LG KT610 Clam-shell smart phone.
* iGoogle and the new Google Reader for S60.
* Cloud Computing and Social Services, as we discuss the relative merits of Apple's MobileMe and Nokia's Ovi.
* What's up with the games on the N-Gage platform.
* And I think we discuss some new phone from an American manufacturer in Cupertino...

Download MP3 File here

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