Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nokia N95 - Modem installation

Nokia N95 Modem Installation Tips

What’s the point?
Forget paying a fortune for Wi-Fi or fumbling with network cables in hotel rooms. Your N95 can get your computer online at broadband speeds wherever you are, whether it’s a PC or Mac.

Is it free?
Apart from your data tariff, yep!

So How do I do it?
Step 1:
If you’re using a PC connecting to the internet through your phone couldn’t be simpler. Just download the newest version of Nokia’s Software Suite here and install it onto your PC. Next hook up your N95 using a USB cable and tap on the One Touch Access (OTA) panel at the top of Nokia Software Suite.

Your phone should connect to the internet, and share its connection with your PC. If it doesn’t, tap into the OTA settings wizard, choose manual configuration in the ‘Operator’ window and tap in your connection settings. You may need to contact your network for these.

Step 2:

If you’re using a Mac, plug in your N95 using a USB cable and tap into the ‘System Preferences’ panel from the dock. Next, tap ‘Network’ and select your phone from the column on the left.

Choose ‘Show modem status in menu bar’ then tap into ‘Advanced’ and choose Nokia from the ‘Vendor’ list, and ‘GPRS (GSM/3G)’ from the model list.

Choose ‘OK’ and hit the ‘Connect’ button. If your phone fails to connect, you might need to add a telephone number under the ‘Network’ panel or an Access Point Name (APN) under the ‘Advanced’ panel. Contact your network provider for those details if you need them.

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